Oferta Laboral: Project Manager, Geothermal Demonstration Project para GreenFire Energy

ECO2G infographic (source: GreenFire Energy)
carlos Jorquera 3 Apr 2017

GreenFire Energy está buscando un candidato para el puesto de Project Manager, para su proyecto Geothermal Demonstration Project en Coso, California.

Noticia en Inglés:

GreenFire Energy  está buscando un candidato para el puesto de Project Manager, para su proyecto Geothermal Demonstration Project en Coso, California.



Substantial experience in EPC power production, rotating equipment, and gas processing projects. Experience in oil & gas or geothermal projects preferred.

Overall responsibilities:

Project Management

  • Plan and implement GreenFire Energy’s demonstration project
  • Integrate workfronts including well engineering, power engineering, power export, managing risks on behalf of the Site Owners and GreenFire
  • Control project interfaces by managing risk, developing decision rights clarity, and clear communications and reporting
  • Budget and scheduling responsibility
  • Risk Management and Assurance Planning
  • Assist in identifying and engaging subcontractors
  • Supervision and direction of subcontractors
  • Coordinate all activities with Coso Operating Company as necessary or appropriate
  • Regularly (weekly) report on progress, budget, and schedule


ECO2G™ technology advancement

  • Identify ECO2G technology challenges and suggest solutions and other ECO2G improvements based on field experience
  • Collaborate with the company’s technical team to suggest patents and other intellectual property
  • Maintain and ensure the confidentiality of all proprietary information of the company

Company management and coordination

  • Actively participate with company officers to execute the demonstration project
  • Host tours of the demonstration project for the company’s potential customers, investors and approved geothermal industry representatives
  • Assist in investor and technical presentations as requested

Alternative Project Feasibility Studies

  • For commercial specific projects under consideration by the company, advise on draft technical feasibility assessments and meet with host owners/operators and potential financing sources


Specific aspects of the project for which the project manager will be responsible include:

Normal administrative matters, such as report writing, and permitting.

Integrate workfronts with the well engineering expert (TBD), the turbine/expander supplier, and Power Engineering or other) to put together a comprehensive plan for preparing the well for the demonstration project; including:

  • Evaluating the existing site conditions information
  • Well selection and handover from Coso
  • Well workover studies, design, budget, procedures, execution, monitoring
  • Surveillance plan, pre-logging and post-logging well inspection, monitoring
  • Well integrity management, reporting, assurance (test well and water well)
  • Water well
  • Foundation, Civil Design
  • Diesel Generator system specification
  • CO2 Storage, pumping and vaporization design
  • sCO2 Piping system design
  • Well completion selection, design, budget, procedures, execution, monitoring, new vacuum insulated tubing (VIT) design
  • Control valve, expander, heat exchanger and compressor design
  • Cooling water system specification
  • Instrumentation
  • Control System specification
  • Thrust block, pipe support design
  • Temporary utilities design, electrical supply, lighting
  • Control System Detailed Design
  • Temp process water – Storage, pumping, and vaporization design
  • sCO2 test plan
  • Well plan for temporary suspension and handover back to Coso
  • Final report and presentation


Manage Site work (as needed)

  • Site fencing and security
  • Site preparation
  • Field offices, power, water, internet, sanitary facilities
  • Site-process risk management plan, resulting in integrated HSE plan
  • Crane, rigging: offloading, deliveries and equipment
  • Well workover and completion (current zone abandonment, insert new VIT, replace wellhead, connect to surface equipment)
  • Connect mud coolers and circulate cooling fluid, as required by plan
  • Foundation slab: assume 18? x 20 ‘x 40’
  • Temporary electrical / generator sets
  • Set sCO2 Equipment Skid
  • Temporary cooling water system: buyout and installation
  • Use of existing cooling tower or existing cold water supply
  • Instrumentation and control
  • H2O System – Temp process water storage, delivery system
  • H20 System – commissioning
  • H20 System – functional testing, well integrity (Kate has question – see above)
  • CO2 system – storage and delivery system; installation
  • CO2 system – commissioning
  • Air and CO2 system – functional testing, well integrity

Shutdown, suspension, site restoration and handover to Coso

Relationship to Company

  • Project Manager will be an Independent Contractor
  • Anticipated to be a half-time position for 12-15 months beginning May, 2017
  • Compensation to be negotiated and includes stock options
  • All work will be performed in collaboration with the CTO, CEO, and other senior staff at GFE
  • Reports to the CTO

For more information or applying for the position, email your resume and compensation expectations to [email protected]


Fuente: ThinkGeoEnergy