Oferta Laboral: Ingeniero en Geotermia, Eden GeoPower – Boston, MA, U.S.

Eden Geopower Inc. website snapshot
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Eden GeoPower Inc, una stratup en tecnología está buscando desarrollar proyectos geotérmicos de generación eléctrica a partir de pozos petroleros abandonados, y ha publicado una oferta laboral para el cargo de Ingeniero en Geotermia, para integrarse al equipo de ingeniería y trabajar en los laboratorios de Green Town, Boston, MA.

Eden Geopower Inc, una empresa startup en tecnología, está buscando concretar proyectos de generación de electricidad utilizando pozos de petróleo abandonados, y ha publicado un anuncio de oferta de trabajo para un Ingeniero en Geotermia. Eden GeoPower, fundada por graduados del Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT), está testeando nueva tecnología que convierte calor de baja temperatura de pozos de petróleo y gas, en electricidad.

El detalle del requerimiento en inglés:

Eden Geopower Inc. is looking for an engineer to join an engineering team to work in GreenTown labs, Boston, MA. This is a highly technical role that includes: laboratory and office work on the various projects solving geothermal and petroleum industry problems. Activities range from initial concept development with computer software to running an experimental laboratory work, testing prototypes, optimization, and reports writing. The Project Engineer’s role requires a deep understanding of the engineering design and laboratory setup to test samples. This cross-functional position and will assist Engineering team in design and analysis of physical processes happening inside the wellbore and porous reservoir.

The company is seeking for a PhD Petroleum Engineer/Geothermal Engineer/ Mechanical Engineer.

Job start date: February 14, 2019

Skills needed: Knowledge in computational fluid dynamics using software packages to simulate fluid flow in a coaxial pipe, two-phase flow, heat transfer in a porous medium.

Strong computational skills in Matlab, Simulink, Ansys, OLGA (Schlumberger software), Labview.

  1. Able to work in a laboratory experimental environment and in the office doing computer simulations;
  2. Able to design and set up experiments to measure permeabilities of core samples of different rocks, collecting and interpreting data, making presentations.
  3. Excellent communication skills;
  4. Ability to work under the tough deadline pressure.

Highly Desired:

  1. Experience in designing and executing a closed-loop system.
  2. Experience as a CTO or Chief Engineer for a geothermal company.

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: engineering: 7 years (Required)

Education: Master’s (Required)

Work authorization: United States (Required)

Fuente: Indeed / ThinkGeoEnergy