Empuje para doblar las metas renovables en Nevada, podría impulsar el desarrollo geotérmico

Stillwater hybrid geothermal-solar plant, Nevada (source: Enel, video screenshot)
carlos Jorquera carlos Jorquera 16 Feb 2017

Un nuevo Proyecto de Ley podría aumentar las metas de energías renovables para el Estado de Nevada, a un 50% para el año 2025, lo que podría ayudar a impulsar el desarrollo de la geotermia en el Estado.

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After California, the state of Nevada has positioned itself as a geothermal power house. With 25 projects under development (GEA 2016), it is a hotbed of development.

With strong renewable portfolio standards in place, Democratic legislators are now proposing new legislation that would push renewable energy development even further. The bill introduced this week would double the amount of renewable energy mandated in Nevada by 2025, so local media Herald Online.

“Assembly Bill 206 would require energy providers to generate 50 percent of electricity from so-called “clean” sources in the next eight years.”

The current renewable energy target for power generation in the State of Nevada is at 25% by 2025 and would be 50% if the new bill passes.

With a strong solar and wind presence, geothermal plays an important role as well providing baseload power to Nevada and neighboring California.

This could help speed up development of current project, but also see interest for increased efforts on development of new projects.

The Assembly Bill 159 was introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Justin Watkins of Las Vegas.

Source: Herald Online  // ThinkGeoEnergy