Video de la operación de la planta geotérmica HS Orka, en Islandia

HS Orka Christmas Video 2016 (screenshot from HS Orka Facebook page)
carlos Jorquera carlos Jorquera 1 Mar 2017

Un lindo video que muestra la operación de la planta geotérmica del operador geotérmico HS Orka, en Islandia.

(PiensaGeotermia en “modo vacaciones”)

Icelandic geothermal power company HS Orka, majority owned by Canadian Alterra Power has over the past few years shared a number of great videos on its operations in Iceland.

In this video, the company shows off its operations, the landscape it operates in and more.

Check it out.

Here another nice video:

Source: Alterra Power/ HS Orka via YouTube  // ThinkGeoEnergy