Trabajo – Líder geotérmico – RTS (Servicios petroleros), Baker Hughes, Houston, TX

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carlos Jorquera 12 Apr 2022

Baker Hughes está buscando contratar a un líder geotérmico - Servicios de yacimientos petrolíferos como parte de su equipo de soluciones de yacimientos en Houston, Texas.

Baker Hughes ha publicado un puesto vacante para un “Líder geotérmico – RTS (Servicios petroleros)” para sus oficinas en Houston, Texas.

¿Le gusta impulsar el enfoque en soluciones de subsuelo geotérmico para clientes internos y externos? ¿Puede aportar velocidad y estructura a nuestro equipo para mejorar nuestro posicionamiento en el mercado y el desarrollo de productos?

Detalles en inglés

Join Baker Hughes’ Reservoir Technical Services (RTS) team

RTS services are delivered to our internal and external customers by SME specialists with the help of our digital capabilities. Our Reservoir Solutions team delivers field development and customized analysis through projects. Our Service Delivery team focuses on Real Time services as well as log delivery & interpretation tools. Our Region structure allows us to operate next to our customers and Baker Hughes field execution services. RTS also co-develops products with the Oilfield Services (OFS) product lines and helps to sustain OFS services with the help of digital capabilities.

Partner with the best

This global role is based in RTS’ Headquarter Energy Transition team. At a Principal seniority level the role will add technical guidance, speed and structure to our Geothermal offerings to enhance RTS and Baker Hughes position as market leaders in Energy Transition.

The Geothermal Lead will work with the RTS Regions, RTS Reservoir Solutions and directly with customers to develop positioning and opportunities in this growing market place. The Geothermal Lead will also bring Thought Leadership to the RTS function, and assist to improve Region competency.  Together with the RTS Energy Transition team, the Geothermal Lead will also assist to move opportunities, feasibility studies and evaluation projects to their next phase of implementation.

As a Geothermal Lead – RTS, you will be responsible for:

  • Understand and educate others about Baker Hughes and RTS product portfolio in Geothermal, from District Heating and Closed Loop to Power Generation
  • Communicate with customers and Region operations for discussing opportunities, or peer review evaluation projects in the Geothermal domain
  • Aware of regulations and changes that drive demand in Geothermal
  • Direct to author papers, develop patents, review and approve technical publications for the domain globally
  • Develop, foster and maintain good partnerships across RTS Disciplines, Business Units and Product Lines globally
  • Understand and be knowledgeable of various project and portfolio management methodologies with track record of implementing shared standards for large organizations
  • Own digital Product Development for the Geothermal Discipline
  • Participate in Product Development meetings to steer product outcomes to customer needs
  • Drive Internal and External Influence of Geothermal through development of a Technical Strategy and involvement in key Research and Development focus areas
  • Have awareness of industry trends and alternative or competing technologies within the domain

For the full announcement and details on requirements etc, see link below.

Source: Job Announcement by Baker Hughes