Seminario web: extracción de minerales de salmueras geotérmicas: ¿cómo realizar un estudio de factibilidad?, 25 de noviembre de 2022

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carlos Jorquera 24 Nov 2022

Únase a este seminario web con Luca Xodo, de STEAM S.r.l., para obtener información sobre la realización de un estudio de factibilidad sobre la extracción de minerales a partir de salmueras geotérmicas.

Como parte de la serie regular de seminarios web de IGC, una asociación de Enerchange y ThinkGeoEnergy, nos enorgullece recibir a Luca Xodo, de STEAM S.r.l, quien proporcionará una metodología para realizar un estudio de factibilidad sobre la extracción de minerales a partir de salmueras geotérmicas.

Después de la presentación, tendrá la oportunidad de discutir y hacer más preguntas.

Webinar en inglés:

  • Date: Friday, November 25, 2022
  • Time: 14:00 CET
  • Registration: here

Currently Luca Xodo is the Director of Sales and Business Development of STEAM S.r.l., an engineering company providing consulting, operational and training services within the geothermal industry. Thereby, Luca is leading the development of geothermal solutions and consultancy for project developers, power plant operators and technology providers. After his post-graduate master’s degree in Business Administration in Energy Industry at Scuola Mattei-Eni Corporate University and his master’s degree in Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Luca also gathered 10 years of experience in geothermal power plant technologies while working for Exergy. Furthermore, he has published several scientific papers and books.

The extraction of minerals from geothermal brines represents an opportunity to generate additional revenue for an existing power generation project by utilizing existing resources that are otherwise unsuitable for pure power generation, or even to develop new geothermal fields which are unsuitable from a power generation perspective. In this webinar, Luca Xodo will outline an approach for conducting a feasibility study for mineral recovery in geothermal fields, which are either characterized in terms of geothermal fluid chemical composition or have existing and operating wells.