Seminario web – Exploración y operación de sistemas geotérmicos – Grupo de investigación, 5 de agosto de 2022

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carlos Jorquera 2 Aug 2022

Únase a este seminario web con Maren Brehme de ETH Zürich para obtener más información sobre un grupo de investigación recientemente establecido en ETH Zürich sobre exploración y operación de sistemas geotérmicos.

Como parte de la serie regular de seminarios web de IGC, una asociación de Enerchange y ThinkGeoEnergy, nos enorgullece presentar a la Dra. Maren Brehme de ETH Zürich, quien brindará más información sobre el grupo de investigación recientemente establecido sobre la exploración y operación de sistemas geotérmicos.

Después de la presentación, tendrá la oportunidad de discutir y hacer más preguntas.

El seminario será en Inglés, acá los detalles del evento:

  • Date: Friday, Aug 05, 2022
  • Time: 14:00 CEST
  • Registration: here

Maren Brehme is a Hydrogeologist aiming to understand subsurface fluid flow by adapting multidisciplinary approaches for sustainable geothermal exploration and exploitation strategies. Since August 2021 she is Senior Researcher in the department Geothermal Energy and Geofluids at the ETH Zürich. Thereby her primary research objective is to determine new well sites during geothermal exploration and field development as well as optimizing sustainable geothermal energy extraction and conversion. Due to her career as an Assistant Professor, Postdoc Researcher, Research Scientist and Project Engineer within the field of geothermal energy and groundwater flow, Maren has gained high expertise in geothermal reservoir characterization, hydraulic, thermal and chemical data interpretation and also in enhancing the reservoir performance.

By facing an ongoing climate change, geothermal energy represents a key contributor to a successful energy transition. Consequently, the understanding and awareness of geothermal systems becomes more urgent than ever. With the funding from Energi Simulation, Maren Brehme will establish a research group of 12-15 young excellent scientists at ETH Zürich – Institute of Geophysics. Thereby, the Energi Simulation Group for Geothermal Exploration and Operation will focus on three Strategic Research Areas: first the understanding of Geothermal Systems and the effective utilization of systems, and lastly the system response to utilization. This includes field work, laboratory measurements and numerical simulations as well as geological, geophysical, hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological methods. Real-scale and real-time data will be obtained in geothermal fields from wells, the power plant infrastructure, hot springs, or surface outcrops.