Proyecto geotérmico de 30 MW, en Sokoria, se prepara para perforación

Construction starting at Sokoria project, Indonesia (source: KS Orka)
carlos Jorquera carlos Jorquera 27 Feb 2017

Se iniciaron las actividades de construcción para recibir la máquina perforadora, en el proyecto geotérmico de Sokoria, de 30 MW, proyecto desarrollado por KS Orka en Indonesia

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As reported by the developer KS Orka, that bought the project in September 2016, work on the project is now commencing.

The company has now announced that work on the road infrastructure and the wellpad has started and that drilling contractor ABS Drilling plans to mobilize their rig in a few weeks.

This will be the third KS Orka rig in Indonesia. KS ORKA plans to mobilize two rigs in Europe this year, i.e. one in Hungary and one in Serbia.

Source: KS Orka  // ThinkGeoEnergy