Partnership entre Egisem y Atlas Copco, ofrece soluciones para plantas geotérmicas

Presentation by Egesim at JESDER conference, Ankara/ Turkey in February 2017 (source:
carlos Jorquera carlos Jorquera 27 Feb 2017

Como fuera anunciado en un evento reciente en Turquía, la empresa turca Egisem y Atlas Copco se han unido, para en conjunto proveer soluciones de plantas geotérmicas en Turquía y posteriormente en el mercado internacional.

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As announced at the recently held conference by the Geothermal Operator Association (JESDER) in Ankara, Turkey,  the companies of EGESIM (a Siemens affiliated company) and Atlas Copco are teaming up in offering geothermal power plant solutions to the Turkish market.

Today, EGESIM plays an important role in electricity and automation works of geothermal power plants. With this new partnership both companies are combining their expertise, technologies and innovations to provide efficient and productive solutions to the geothermal market in Turkey, so the announcement on the EGESIM website.

Under the cooperation, Atlas Copco provides ORC process cycle design optimised for geothermal plants, and its GAP Radial Inflow Turbine, while Egesim will provide ORC plant electrical and control components, its local presence, experience and reputation in the geothermal energy power plant business. The companies are now actively bidding for projects in the Turkish market.

The partnership is aimed at gaining a large market share for geothermal power plants in Turkey, but also to expand internationally. The companies aim at Indonesia, Kenya, India and Malaysia.

For 2017, the company is hopeful to start three geothermal power plants with its combined technology offer.

Source: EGESIM and Atlas Copco presentation // ThinkGeoEnergy