Invernadero geotérmico en Sandikli, Turquía exporta productos a Europa

Greenhouse view (source: Koyuncu Group)
carlos Jorquera 19 Apr 2022

Los tomates cultivados en invernaderos calentados con energía geotérmica con la aplicación de agricultura sin suelo en el distrito de Sandikli de Afyon se exportan a Alemania, Países Bajos e Inglaterra.

Según la noticia presentada por la Agencia Anadolu, Koyuncu Group produce tomates en racimo naturales con un método de cultivo sin suelo en invernaderos modernos de acuerdo con los estándares europeos y los exporta al extranjero.

Anteriormente hemos compartido con ustedes la noticia de que Koyuncu Group ha comenzado la producción en su nueva inversión, un invernadero tecnológico moderno con calefacción geotérmica de 100 decares ubicado en Sand?kl? distrito de la provincia de Afyonkarahisar.

Merve Koyuncu, the company manager, stated that the plants were followed during the cultivation process and they were grown with good agricultural practices, and said: “We produce mainly natural and hormone-free bunch tomatoes and some cherry and cocktail tomatoes by using bamboo bees with soilless agriculture. The products we produce with only biological control without using chemicals are in European standards and of very high quality. We are an organization that also has the necessary certificates. We export most of the tomatoes we produce to European countries, primarily Germany, the Netherlands and England. We also market some of them domestically.”

Source: AA via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler