Grabación: Seminario virtual de Baseload Capital n.º 6 aquí y ahora: es hora del cambio

Baseload Capital Virtual Seminar #6 (screenshot)
carlos Jorquera 20 Dec 2022

Vuelva a visitar el sexto seminario virtual de Baseload Capital "Aquí y ahora: es hora del cambio", celebrado el 24 de noviembre de 2022 con debates inspiradores sobre este emocionante momento para la energía geotérmica.

La empresa internacional de inversión en energía térmica geotérmica Baseload Capital ha estado realizando una gran serie de seminarios virtuales que promueven la energía geotérmica y abordan los desafíos que enfrenta la industria. La compañía ha publicado ahora la grabación de su evento del 24 de noviembre de 2022, que fue moderado por Kristina Hagström-Ilievska.

(comunicado en ingles)

#1 Here and NOW – Our first guest speaker is Paul Thomsen, Vice President of Business Development at Ormat, a geothermal industry leader with plants in Kenya, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States. Paul will share his insights on why right now it is geothermal’s time to shine and how we can drive the industry forward.

#2 How to get the board on board? – Kristina is joined by Baseload Capital’s Chairman of the Board, Magnus Brandberg in special Edition of Coffee with Baseload . They unpack why it’s essential to have platforms for conversation (like this one) about geothermal. And, how it’s vital to have the Board on board when investing time and money to engage our industry and the public.

#3 Here and THEN – We are thrilled to interview Ajit Menon, Vice President of Geothermal at Baker Hughes, a world leading energy technology company with 40+ years of geothermal know-how. We get his take on geothermal’s role in the energy transition, the importance of collaboration and what Baker Hughes is focusing on right now.

#4 How to get the others on board? – Tune in to another energetic episode of The Switch podcast, our platform for discussion, debate, questioning and advancing knowledge. This time we talk to Gabriella Skog, Baseload Capital’s in-house Geologist. But she is much more than that, she is also a social media guru, running an Instagram account that has greater numbers than all the geothermal accounts collected on Instagram as of today! We will talk about the changing digital landscape and how we can engage younger audiences using digital know-how.

#5 How to be a geothermal pioneer – We round off this session with a lively panel discussion with all our guests to discuss what it takes to be a pioneer in our industry.