Excelente video que muestra la planta geotérmica Manisa Alasehir de 45 MW, en Turquía

carlos Jorquera carlos Jorquera 16 Feb 2017

Excelente video de la empresa Zorlu Enerji, de Turquía, muestra la nueva planta geotérmica Manisa Alasehir de 45 MW.

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With the slogan “Right Energy”, Turkish energy company Zorlu Energy introduced its Manisa Ala?ehir Geothermal Power Plant. In the video, Zorlu also introduced its other geothermal project. It was shared via the company’s YouTube Channel.

The 45 MW Manisa Alasehir geothermal power plant generates around 300 million kWh/ year.

The video provides great video and drone shots of the plant and is nicely done.

The video was initially shared on our Turkish-language service: JeotermalHaberler

Fuente: ThinkGeoEnergy